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Patience is a virtue!

It seems that is never too late to bloom…ages in a cold environment could not stop a tiny and fragile flowering plant.

Its name is Silene stenophylla, and was brought out of the ice from Russian scientists after 30000 years.

Read more on this good news here!


Guess where?

Sometimes the things plant can tell us are more than we think.

Knowing plants can allow for an interesting trip every time we cross a green patch. We can try to read the condition of the site, the amount of rain the plant gets, the soil within its roots develop, and the main events happened there…from […]

Men, sheeps and beauty

Between the small towns of Arcinazzo and Affile, close to the town of Anagni (famous for the “outrage” (1303) involving the Pope Boniface VIII and the French king Philip the Fair) the sheeps grazing on the southern slope of Affilani Mts. maintained grasslands of astonishing beauty due to their incredibly diverse blooms and invertebrates.

What […]

Old-growth forests in Italy

Out now is a brief publication about the work my colleagues of the Sapienza University of Rome and of several other universities in Italy and I carried out about  old-growth forests in Italy.

You can find both the English and the Italian versions among my downloadable publications.

Read, comment and enjoy!

Why are tropical rainforests so diverse?

This title is shared with one paragraph of one of my favourite readings, perfect for friday late afternoon: The Encyclopedia of Biodiversity. I report here some of the concepts recalled in that paragraph by I.M. Turner since I found them definitely interesting.

Tropical rainforests are the most species rich terrestrial ecosystems especially in terms of vascular […]

Response and effect

Among plant functional traits it is now widely accepted to distinguish response and effect traits.

Response traits are those associated to plant response to environmental factors.

Effect traits are those related to the plant effects on ecosystem functioning.

The first group of traits affect the resilience of an ecosystem; the second determine the effects of plants on ecosystem […]


Global Biodiversity Information Facility

This site includes a great data portal, e.g. you can browse it by species and see a list of the matching records in a table or in a map, be redirected to the source that sometimes shows also images of the species. All the kingdoms are included in the portal.


About e-taxonomy you […]

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Scientific literature started far before .pdf files.

Nowadays the less recent “paper” publications are perceived as more difficult to access even if they didn’t move at all, only because the newest publications are much easier to find. This is leading to pay less attention to the literature legacy.

This process is particularly worrying in relation […]

A must see

The entire documentary deserves your time!

Forests are not only carbon sinks...what about biodiversity?

Harnessing Carbon Payments to Protect Biodiversity

In the linked paper Verter et al. calculated that if REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries) “…focuses solely on reducing carbon emissions, its benefits for biodiversity are low… if the same REDD funds were targeted to protect biodiversity, almost four times the number of […]