October 2019
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Dynamic is the world!

Whoever had the chance to study some ecology, or to catch a glimpse of how natural systems work knows as a commonplace that everything natural is constantly changing, every single cell as well as the most complex ecosystems is dynamic.

Despite this is undoubtfully a commonplace it is not always easy to keep this concept in […]

The wettest and wildest Spain

Far away from the collective imagination of Spain, made of Flamenco and Paella, lies the Atlantic region of Asturias more similar to southern Ireland or England than to Andalusia…in botanical terms at least.

Besides the imagine of barren dusty landscapes, the word ‘Spain’ often recalls, a long history of human activities and land exploitation, as it […]

Down through the Samariá Gorge

In the middle of the Mediterranean Sea there is an island where rocks have been shaped by wind and water in numerous sculptures that are unique just as much as the plants that grow on them. One of the many ways to witness what the four elements have been able to create, and the great […]

Ready, steady...

The time has come…for the snow to melt, for the leaves that resisted on the branches to fall down pushed by the new green leaves.

It’s time to bloom! And some species are always in good time…here are a pair of […]

Guess where?

Sometimes the things plant can tell us are more than we think.

Knowing plants can allow for an interesting trip every time we cross a green patch. We can try to read the condition of the site, the amount of rain the plant gets, the soil within its roots develop, and the main events happened there…from […]

Analogies through the water surface

More than one year from now I remember myself fascinated by an inter-kingdom analogy in one of the smallest inhabited islands in the world, Gili Meno, not far from the island of Lombok (Indonesia).

During the days I was in Gili Meno, I spent part of my afternoons taking advantage of the low tide […]

All flowers are not in one garden

All flowers are not in one garden. This is one of the good reasons for travelling: see many different flowers and plants in amazingly diverse gardens accross the world.

Only a small percentage of plants can be found all over the world, and even in that case they are limited to one or few environments, according […]

Thirsty beings

In the middle of autumn rains I would like to recall the memories of the warmest and driest place I have ever visited.

Cabo de Gata in the province of Almeria (Andalucia), is a natural park that deserves your visit because it fills your eyes with a subdesertic landscape that you rarely have the chance see […]

Among rocky towers

This post is more about mountain landscape than plants.

I strongly suggest the hike trail that crosses the Gran Sasso massif that I came to know thanks to a Roman hiking group. From the ‘Albergo di Campo Imperatore’ you can reach in 6-7 hours the town of Pietracamela on the opposite slope of the grat mountain […]

Boreal and mediterranean plants shaking hands!

Silver birch (Betula pendula) is a tree tipical of the boreal region. It is spread widely in Northern Europe from Norway to Siberia and Kazakistan towards east, and to Basque region towards west. The southern most populations occur along Italian peninsula.

In Italy this species is rather common in the Alps becoming rarer and […]