January 2020
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La Sierra de Las Nieves

In the hearth of the hottest Andalucia in the middle of August you can still see snow!

La Sierra de las Nieves with peaks up to 3480 (Mt. Mulhacén) is astonishing if you look over the city buildings of Granada trying to survive the 43°C  heat.

The way from Granada to the Sierra may bring you through […]

Men, sheeps and beauty

Between the small towns of Arcinazzo and Affile, close to the town of Anagni (famous for the “outrage” (1303) involving the Pope Boniface VIII and the French king Philip the Fair) the sheeps grazing on the southern slope of Affilani Mts. maintained grasslands of astonishing beauty due to their incredibly diverse blooms and invertebrates.

What […]

Dry grasslands in Slovakia

Last week the European Dry Grasslands Group meeting took place in Slovakia.

After the conference three nice excursions were led by researcher from Slovakia and Czech Republic. I want to share some of the information and pictures took during those days, in this post I’ll especially write down the things that impressed me the most.

Forests in Sabina

Sabini Mts. are about 60 km from Rome. If you leave the olive groves and start to walk up the mountain near the cute town of Roccantica one of your possibilities is to head Monte Pizzuto. It’s a walk across evergreen oak (Quercus ilex) forests so spread in this region and usually managed as coppices.

The oasis of Macchiagrande

About 40 km from the very centre of Rome, right next to the Italian biggest airport, there’s still a oasis of nature to enjoy.

You won’t forget where you are while you walk in the WWF oasis of  Macchiagrande, airplanes landing not far from you will be your reminders.

Anyway if you spend one of your mid-March […]