November 2019
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More than alike

I was not really seeking for green wonders when I found the book I am going to write about in this post. I was rather browsing through the stall of the most famous flea market in Rome when a familiar shape caught my sight.

My ravished face did not allow me to bargain as I could…however […]

Ready, steady...

The time has come…for the snow to melt, for the leaves that resisted on the branches to fall down pushed by the new green leaves.

It’s time to bloom! And some species are always in good time…here are a pair of […]

Patience is a virtue!

It seems that is never too late to bloom…ages in a cold environment could not stop a tiny and fragile flowering plant.

Its name is Silene stenophylla, and was brought out of the ice from Russian scientists after 30000 years.

Read more on this good news here!


Narcissus tazetta day by day

Analogies through the water surface

More than one year from now I remember myself fascinated by an inter-kingdom analogy in one of the smallest inhabited islands in the world, Gili Meno, not far from the island of Lombok (Indonesia).

During the days I was in Gili Meno, I spent part of my afternoons taking advantage of the low tide […]

All flowers are not in one garden

All flowers are not in one garden. This is one of the good reasons for travelling: see many different flowers and plants in amazingly diverse gardens accross the world.

Only a small percentage of plants can be found all over the world, and even in that case they are limited to one or few environments, according […]


When you think of Holland the clichè leads you to all-wooden clogs, cheese, coffeshops and…flowers.

This was one of the reasons why the flower salon was organized. In fact this exhibition was focused on holland’s top export commodities: flowers, but also on floral design  and related art. It opened the 14th of october and was staged […]

Thirsty beings

In the middle of autumn rains I would like to recall the memories of the warmest and driest place I have ever visited.

Cabo de Gata in the province of Almeria (Andalucia), is a natural park that deserves your visit because it fills your eyes with a subdesertic landscape that you rarely have the chance see […]

To make a need a flower

The title is the translation of a very popular Italian children’s song used to teach the importance of plants in every day life.

Here are some pictures to help achieving the goal.

All of you know the story (yummy) end!

The massive take over of flowers

A paper that absolutely deserves your time, even if you are not a specialist in the field (also because it is free for anyone online), is the one by Frank Berendse and Marten Scheffer (Ecology letters 12: 865-872).

I report here some of their observations and conclusions.

Charles darwin, the author of the On the origin of […]