February 2020
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Season's greetings

Waiting for the white to turn green…plantsdontlie wishes  happy holidays to plant lovers of all kinds, from green thumbs to academics!

First Quarter

The first quarter of year of plantsdontlie is just over.

The thing I’m most proud of is not the number of visits but the number of different countries from which people connected to the blog! 281 visits from 28 different countries have been recorded! Thanks to all the visitors and to the authors of no-spam comments!

A green monument!

Another lovely place near Rome, a natural monument where to have a walk…in a warm day I suggest!

In fact this time I would like to take you to the “Valle delle Cannuccete”…it is a narrow valley, almost a ravine with a permanent stream on the bottom…where some springs occur.

The air in the valley is fresh […]

Who wins?

Saving forests, cultures and carbon dioxide – “Win-win’ conservation should start with indigenous lands and other protected areas”

Is it better to fund project directed towards the local communities, indigenous people and forests which relate to reducing emission from deforestation and forest degradation through REDD-plus mechanisms or to establish new Indigenous Lands and […]