January 2020
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Dry grasslands in Slovakia

Last week the European Dry Grasslands Group meeting took place in Slovakia.

After the conference three nice excursions were led by researcher from Slovakia and Czech Republic. I want to share some of the information and pictures took during those days, in this post I’ll especially write down the things that impressed me the most.Dianthus lumnitzeri flower

The first day excursion brought us to the driest grassland…on the dolomitic bedrock of the western-most outposts of the Western Carpathians. Here the soil on the steeper slopes reaches very high temperatures in summer, many annual species occur, rather common also in more mediterranean communities I’m used to see in Italy. On these slopes the nice flowers of Dianthus lumnitzeri and Campanula sibirica.

Campanula sibirica flowers

Stipa eriocaulis in contact with Quersuc pubescens woods

On these slopes also Stipa eriocaulis with its long, plumose awns draws my attention. It grows in spatial and dynamic contact with pubescent oak woods, that on the southern slopes of these mountains represent potential vegetation. The grazing of mouflons and restoration actions aimed at the removal of planted pines contribute to the conservation of these grasslands.

Stipa eriocaulis awns

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