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When you think of Holland the clichè leads you to all-wooden clogs, cheese, coffeshops and…flowers.

This was one of the reasons why the flower salon was organized. In fact this exhibition was focused on holland’s top export commodities: flowers, but also on floral design  and related art. It opened the 14th of october and was staged on 10 locations in Amsterdam, among them the droog design gallery, where I had the chance to see it.

The exhibition brings some unusual plant shapes and colors in the hearth of the city and was absolutely refreshing.String garden using 'kokedama' technique

You can walk in the string garden, where plants moslty used to the understorey of tropical forests hang from strings and look astonished out of the windows. Most of them belong to the genus Philodendron of the Araceae family, it is a rich and complex genus, you can read this article for an revision of the main subgenus.

The string garden installation has been created by amsterdam based company fedor. The objective of these installations is to simply bring plants to eye level, using string wrapped around a plant bulb or root ball. This technique refers to ‘kokedama’, a japanese botanical style.

This lying sectioned tree is there to show how incredible tree structure is, both in its outside and inside. You can purchase part of a tree and in a few months time, you will be invited to a picnic with tea and cake, under one of the most prominent trees in holland…to see one of them alive and rooted in its environment.

Dissected tree lying on the droog floor

Achenes are used in this lamp to refract the light in a unique way. This kind of Achenes, very common in the Asteraceae family, have accessory hair-like structures that cause them to tumble in the wind, similar to a tumbleweed . Here they are pasted on the light-bulbs but I do not know how long glue can last, I am sure they will blow away soon or later, looking for somewhere where to germinate.

Achenes lamp

Homesick are also the flowers of several diverse plants that met on a table, showing their ephemeral beauty sprouting from flasks.

Finally just to underline how the cultivation of exotic plants is really rooted in dutch culture I show you the photographs of another Philodendron hanging in conditions that are not that similar to its habitat. It spreads its roots in the stairwell of a self-directed residency and looks for light out of a window of the Plantage Doklaan.

Self-directed Philodendron

Self-directed Philodendron

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