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Plants don't lie

Plants don’t lie…if they did there would be no reason to study them. If a plant grows spontaneously in a place, you instantly know a lot of things about that place: its present features and its history.  In  fact that place is surely suitable for the plant and the latter is fit to that environment.

You can’t say the same things about human beings. Surely you can’t say that they don’t lie, we all do. Besides human beings often persist in living in unsuitable places changing them dramatically or stressing themselves extremely.

Also plants change the environment where they live. It is enough to think about the process of succession, through which a patch of bare rock can end up in a forest. Nevertheless, the way plants change the environment is usually completely different from the human way to do it. Plants change the environment making it less suitable for them and fitter to a usually increasing number of other species, isn’t it great? I won’t go deeper in the succession topic now, my point is: I really like plants and that’s why I’ll be writing about them.

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