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Why are tropical rainforests so diverse?

This title is shared with one paragraph of one of my favourite readings, perfect for friday late afternoon: The Encyclopedia of Biodiversity. I report here some of the concepts recalled in that paragraph by I.M. Turner since I found them definitely interesting.

Tropical rainforests are the most species rich terrestrial ecosystems especially in terms of vascular […]

Forests in Sabina

Sabini Mts. are about 60 km from Rome. If you leave the olive groves and start to walk up the mountain near the cute town of Roccantica one of your possibilities is to head Monte Pizzuto. It’s a walk across evergreen oak (Quercus ilex) forests so spread in this region and usually managed as coppices.

Who wins?

Saving forests, cultures and carbon dioxide – “Win-win’ conservation should start with indigenous lands and other protected areas”

Is it better to fund project directed towards the local communities, indigenous people and forests which relate to reducing emission from deforestation and forest degradation through REDD-plus mechanisms or to establish new Indigenous Lands and […]

Forests are not only carbon sinks...what about biodiversity?

Harnessing Carbon Payments to Protect Biodiversity

In the linked paper Verter et al. calculated that if REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries) “…focuses solely on reducing carbon emissions, its benefits for biodiversity are low… if the same REDD funds were targeted to protect biodiversity, almost four times the number of […]