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The oasis of Macchiagrande

About 40 km from the very centre of Rome, right next to the Italian biggest airport, there’s still a oasis of nature to enjoy.

You won’t forget where you are while you walk in the WWF oasis of  Macchiagrande, airplanes landing not far from you will be your reminders.Erica arborea  flowersRhamnus  alaternus flowers

Anyway if you spend one of your mid-March days in Macchiagrande you can enjoy the flowers of the maquis shrubs, generally blooming before the beginning of spring. You can enjoy the honey scent of Rhamnus alaternus tiny flowers; or the gracious flowers of Erica arborea.

ants & aphids

You can see ants farming aphids verifying their mutualistic relationship (ants protect the aphids from ladybirds and other “fierce” predators, aphids let ants eat the honeydew that the aphids release from the terminations of their alimentary canals).

You can appreciate a ray of light in the darkness of an elm oak forest;

or safely learn how a viper is like looking at its dead body…it is something rather important to learn if you plan to spend some time outdoor!

A ray of light in the elm oak forestDead viper

Having a walk in Macchiagrande make you appreciate the meaning of the word “oasis”.

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